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Take me out to the ball game…

With baseball Opening Day in a little over a week. Making these baseball decorations has been getting me so excited for the season to start. While others favorite day of the year is their birthday or Christmas or even Valentine’s Day. Mine is Opening Day! Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas songs and red hearts all over the place. But Opening Day makes my heart super happy. Walking into the stadium after months of waiting for the season to start. The team introductions. The way the America Flag covers the field during the singing of the National Anthem. The Fly over and the face of the kid that calls out the first “PLAY BALL” of the season. Then then MIKE TROUT takes the field. Yes MIKE TROUT. The best player in baseball!!! That’s when I know that all is well in the world! Baseball is back and it’s going to be fun!

This Angels fan isn’t having too much making these Dodger decorations. LOL

Center pieces for a baseball themed retirement party.

Let’s go Angels!!!


I love baseball (gooooo Angels)!!!

I love crafting!!!

Today I brought them together to help my sister with decorations for a retirement party. I’m not done and I also didn’t take very many pictures. Hopefully more tomorrow.

These are going to go in a basket full of baseball goodies.

I just have to throw in some Angels pictures lol.

The Big A.

This is where I hang out from April-September and this year hopefully, in October too. 

See you at the Ball park or in a craft room somewhere. 

Paper flower workshop…

I’ve made a few large paper flowers before, but I eyeballed them and wasn’t sure if I was making them right. When Jamie at 702_ flowers4U offered a paper flower workshop. I decided to make a weekend out of it and travel to Las Vegas to take her workshop. Jamie was so nice and answered all my questions and didn’t hesitate to give us info, that is usually so hard to get answers to. 

We made 2 flowers using her templates. 

Here is the first one.

Those close up of the center is more true to color of this beautiful salmon colored paper.

My petals are a little wonky but I will keep practicing. 

We also made this flower, that I am so in love with. 

Love the center with a little “bling”

Thanks for all the goodies Jamie <3

Have a great rest of the weekend.


I love folding paper. It’s one of those things that relaxes me. When I travel I like to take origami paper with me and always make something to leave with the housekeepers tip. Years ago when I went to Aruba for my friends wedding. The housekeeper at the hotel I was staying at, asked if i could  teach her how to make a swan and heart. She said she wanted to teach her granddaughter. She was so cute. I left her a pack of paper. She was so excited. It warms my heart to imagine her folding paper with her granddaughter. 

I miss Aruba.

Okay back to folding paper. 

I used to leave hearts behind that said. “All you need is love. Love is all you need”. I love making them for Valentine’s Day too.

The shirt is perfect for Father’s Day. Add a bow tie, tie, pocket and buttons and it would make a cute card. 

How perfect are those swans for weddings. Years ago I made them in gold and white for a bridal shower and wedding.

Those flowers are super easy to make and the possibilities are endless. You can add bling, buttons, small flowers to the center. Or so many other things. 

A closer look at the flower.

Have a good evening <3 

Bonnet and apron…

Dear Angie, 

Thank you for asking me to make your bonnet and apron. I loved making them for you and it makes my heart happy that you love them.

I’ve enjoyed making everything all month for National Craft Month, but this is probably my favorite thing I’ve made so far. 

Angie’s mom Maricela asked me for help making this for Angie, I’m always excited to help kids with school projects. 

I had never made this style of bonnet before. So this was fun.

I’ve made a lot of half aprons before so this went by super fast. It’s a little bit or a lot wrinkled because this muslin just wasn’t cooperating with me.

How cute does Angie look.

Look A.

Look B.

Look C.

I think she’s going with A!!!

A huge thanks to all of you that have been following my blog all month long.

Happy Tyson Tuesday.

Baby headbands…

Happy Monday. Happy spring. 

I had to make a paper flower on the first day of spring. I didn’t finish it, but I plan on making a sprint bouquet in the next few days. This flower is about 6 inches big. The bouquet is going to be huge! 

Baby Itzel is one month old today. Her mom sent me this picture. She used papers flowers I made firm her baby shower for the number 1.

And here are some headbands I made for Itzel.

For this one I used the same technique I use to make paper flower centers. 

These felt bows are super easy to make.

I make them with paper too. Felt or paper, they can be used for so many things.

I also made some with some paper flowers.

Now I want to make some for myself lol.

Between her mom, granny, her tia and myself. We were in her nerves lol.

She is so precious.
Have a great week.

Fabric covered coasters…

Happy Sunday <3 this post is kinda late because I had a pretty busy day. 

This pretty girl came over for some pictures. Meet Itzel Avery.

One more <3

Isn’t she the cutest 3 week old you’ve ever seen? 

I made a pretty easy craft today. They’ve actually been easy.

I bought these coasters at Daiso. I love coasters. I have several sets. But when I saw these, I immediately thought they would be awesome covered in fabric.

They are the size of maybe 3-4 credit cards put together.

I pulled some fabric scraps to test them once I was done covering them.

Work in progress. I put  Mod Podge on the coaster and then stuck it on the fabric.

Then just cut around it.

Made a set of 4.

I’ll have to use these a few times to see how they hold up. It’s card board and once wet, they might get ugly. 
Anybody want to test one for me? 

One more of Itzel.

Have a good evening.