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Arm knitting…

Happy international women’s day!!!

I made a bunch of arm knitted  scarves to raffle off at work. I knit 5 last and today I knit 4 during breaks and lunch. I wish I could have made more to give one to all the ladies at work, but I didn’t have enough yarn or time. 

Work in progress

Here is one that can be wrapped around your neck twice.

This one is way shorter. But perfect for just around your neck.

A closer look at the stitches.i like combining different yarns together to give them a different look.

My coworkers wearing the scarves they won.

I hope you all had a beautiful day.

Baby shower decorations…

I worked on baby shower decorations today. 

But before I go any further. Happy Tyson Tuesday.

My handsome baby <3

I am enjoying making these decorations so much.

The baby shower theme is elephants. 

I’m using different shades of both purple and grey.

I stitched the circles together.

Then added the elephants.

I am super excited and I can’t wait to show you the entire wall.

Thanks to those of you that have been taking your time to stop by and see what I’m up to. I appreciate you <3

Flower crown…

Monday already? Sometimes I wish the week would go by as fast as the weekend does. Today’s craft took me about 20 minutes and cost around 2 dollars. 

I don’t know if flowers crowns are still the in thing, but I recently made one for a Mexican themed baby shower and the mommy looked so cute. 

I bought these paper flowers at Daiso. The floral wire is from Michael’s. I like using that one because you don’t have to wrap it with tape. Only wrapping you have to do it to close it. You can also use a headband and avoid any taping at all.

These mini roses are about 2 inches big and perfect is you just want something smaller. 

I’m not worried about the tape showing. Once you’re wearing it, you can’t see it at all. 

Quick tip when making these, glue some of the leaves down to hold the flowers in place. You can’t really see the leaves anyway so you won’t miss them. You can always buy extra leaves to hold the flowers even more in place.

I couldn’t find anybody to wear the crown for a picture, but this is what it looks like.

And this is the one I made for the mommy to be. She looked so beautiful. 

Have a great week <3

Magazine paper flower…

I fell in love with paper flowers a little over a year ago and I haven’t stopped making them since. I saw an old California Home + Design magazine in the office the other day and well I had to put it to good use. 

I tried to cut the petals on pages with Beach photos and fun words. I used their logo for a a couple of petals too. 

I love the way it looks. I think I might make more!

Happy Saturday <3

Washi covered lip balm…

From fabric tape yesterday to washi tape today. As you can tell, I love decorative tape! Since I was I kid I always peeled the label off lip balm. For some silly reason it bugs me lol.

A few years ago I started decorating my lip balm with washi tape. 

I have a huge collection of washi tape so the possibilities are endless!

Doesn’t it look spiffy?!?!?!

Here are my 3 favorites from this batch.

Have a great weekend <3

Fabric tape…

I love decorative tape., and I love fabric. So when a fellow crafter was telling me how easy it is to make fabric tape. I got so excited and I had to make it immediately. I used Duck brand double sided carpet tape and some fabric scraps.

This is what my first batch looks like.

This brand carpet tape is about and inch and a half wide. I might cut my strips in half for some projects later.  Maybe use my die cut machine to cut other stuff. Like I did with this sugar skull.

And then I got really excited lol made cut out more skulls.

Skull die cut is from Crafty Chica’s line for Sizzix.
Somebody hide the tape before I use my entire collection of fabric.

National Craft Month…

Happy March!!!
It’s National Craft Month and I am always super excited for this month to come around. Please join me this entire month, because my plan is to make something daily and then blog about it. I am going to post pictures, share some tips, maybe a tutorial a few tutorials and 5 giveaways. 

I decided to go with something super easy today. Way too easy if you ask me. Now that I think about it, is wrapping floral wire really a craft??? LOL. Either way, that’s what I decided to work on today. 

I like wrapping several packages of floral wire at a time. It eliminates this process when I’m making a big quantity of paper flowers. It saves me time and it saves me sticky fingers when I’m working with paper petals. 

I also like wrapping 2 wires together. Flowers will stand up better in a vase without marbles or beads. I’m sure there is thicker floral wire, but this works for me. 

I hope you’re having a great week and I also hope you’ll come back all month.