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Viva Las Crafties…

Listening to Frank Sinatra always makes for a good day. It’s almost like he makes everything right in the world. 

Okay onto Viva Las Crafties because that’s who this post is supposed to be about. I don’t know how or when I came across her in Instagram. I’m so glad I did because her embroidery art is so cute and fun. 

Embroidery is one of those things that I have tried several times. But I just can’t seem to be any good at it. It’s such an art form. So I will stick to what I know and let people like Viva Las Crafties continue to create awesome pieces like this one. 

I love it so much and it may sound kind of silly, but several times I’ve taken it to work. Hung it in my work space only to take it down. Take it home, to hand in my space there. I should get another one, but I’m waiting to discover a different piece to fall in love with. 

How cute is this business card!!! I will definitely be sharing it with others.

She sent me a thank you. When I should. E thanking her. She was so sweet and sent extra goodies. 

La Luna <3

Follow Viva Las Crafties on Instagram.

Purchase on Store Envy. 

When you support small business, you’re supporting a dream

Have a great day.

Hazel & Bean…

From her colorful shoes to her awesome totes. I am in love with everything Hazel & Bean. 
I love Mickey Mouse and I love flowers so when I saw this pin on her Instagram. I new I had to have it. 

The business card is so cute.

Love love love this pin. 

And check this out. I also love that she donates 10% of all sales to children and families in need. Makes me love this shop even more. 

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When you support small business, you’re supporting a dream. 
Happy Friday <3

Baby shower decorations. 

What a beautiful day to celebrate my coworker mommy to be Angela.  I’ve been working on these baby shower decorations for a few weeks and seeing it all come together. Made my heart super happy. 
Her theme was elephants, with gray and lavender.  I did start out with lavender but later incorporated other shades of purple. I’m very happy with the way everything looked once put together.
I made rosettes for the center pieces. 

My coworker Erika made chocolate pops.

Here is the table.

My gift to the mommy.

The mommy to be.

Have a good evening <3

Cupcake wrappers…

Usually I don’t mind Monday’s, but geez is this time change kicking my butt. I don’t know about you, but I was tired and sleepy all day. So I wanted an easy craft today and I decided to make some cupcake wrappers.

I’ve used these before and I love how they look so classy. Especially in black.

White looks so pretty too.

Have a great week.

Skull sponge…

Happy Sunday!
I love Crafty Chica and I love Sizzix

So when I heard Cathy designed a line for Sizzix I was super excited. I actually got to try one of the dies on the Crafty Chica art cruise last year. Before it was released. 

I love this die for some many reasons. 

1 being, you can use it with paper, fabric and even sponges. I’m sure you can use it for so much more stuff that I haven’t tried. 

Look how beat up it is, because I’ve used it so much.


Hope you had a great weekend <3

Paper flowers…

I’m feeling so tired and I wanted to take the day off from crafting. But I promised myself I’d make something daily this month and I refuse to not keep a promise to myself. 

I wanted to make something easy and so I started pulling fabric for key fobs when I realized I have no hardware for them. I quickly put the iron down, and figure out something else to make. 

I was flipping the pages of this book to get some inspiration. Nothing seemed to work. I just wanted to be lazy lol

Then I saw half a tutorial on Instagram.

I quickly plugged in my glue and pulled paper. Maybe I could figure out how to make the flower center from just the tail end of the tute.

So I have it a try…

It looks okay! Right? 

Then I made another 

These are supposed to be for flower centers. But I’m thinking of making some sort of center piece with them. 

It’s a beautiful day out and the nieces want to hang out. I’ll be back tomorrow with more goodies.

Happy day <3

Doll flower crown…

Is it just me or did this week drag on? I’ve also been feeling a little drained so that might be why I think it’s been a long week. 

I decided to name another flower crown. But this time it’s for my doll Starkiss!!! 

I used mini foam flowers for this one instead of paper flowers. 

I didn’t have a model for my other flower crown, but I do for this one.

My Starkiss looks so beautiful.

And now I might have to make one for my Martini.

Have a great weekend.