Viva Las Crafties…

Listening to Frank Sinatra always makes for a good day. It’s almost like he makes everything right in the world. 

Okay onto Viva Las Crafties because that’s who this post is supposed to be about. I don’t know how or when I came across her in Instagram. I’m so glad I did because her embroidery art is so cute and fun. 

Embroidery is one of those things that I have tried several times. But I just can’t seem to be any good at it. It’s such an art form. So I will stick to what I know and let people like Viva Las Crafties continue to create awesome pieces like this one. 

I love it so much and it may sound kind of silly, but several times I’ve taken it to work. Hung it in my work space only to take it down. Take it home, to hand in my space there. I should get another one, but I’m waiting to discover a different piece to fall in love with. 

How cute is this business card!!! I will definitely be sharing it with others.

She sent me a thank you. When I should. E thanking her. She was so sweet and sent extra goodies. 

La Luna <3

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Have a great day.

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