I just want to change this world.

I just want to change this world, by changing what’s inside of me…

Just let me dream…

Song by one of my favorite bands oZomatli. I do want to change this world. If I can help and impact somebody’s life. Then I did exactly that. I’ve changed the world.

My point today is that life is hard to deal with sometimes. We experience loss. Sometimes to the point we think we can’t handle it. To the point where we think we are broken and we won’t ever be okay again. Stay in those feelings for as long as you need to. Know that it’s okay to cry as much as you need to. Its okay to be emotional. It’s okay to talk about it. It’s going to make you stronger and I promise you will learn from it. I promise that even if your life isn’t the same after. You will learn to live differently, but you will be okay.

Those of you that know somebody dealing with some sort of loss. Be it a parent, spouse, child, friend, pet and so on. Be there for them, let them cry to you, hug them, listen to them and most importantly tell them you LOVE them.

To my sister, my friend Tracey and my best friend Carmen. THANK YOU for being there for me when I’ve needed you and for listening. For allowing me to cry and for never judging me. I appreciate you and I Love you.


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