Flower crown…

Monday already? Sometimes I wish the week would go by as fast as the weekend does. Today’s craft took me about 20 minutes and cost around 2 dollars. 

I don’t know if flowers crowns are still the in thing, but I recently made one for a Mexican themed baby shower and the mommy looked so cute. 

I bought these paper flowers at Daiso. The floral wire is from Michael’s. I like using that one because you don’t have to wrap it with tape. Only wrapping you have to do it to close it. You can also use a headband and avoid any taping at all.

These mini roses are about 2 inches big and perfect is you just want something smaller. 

I’m not worried about the tape showing. Once you’re wearing it, you can’t see it at all. 

Quick tip when making these, glue some of the leaves down to hold the flowers in place. You can’t really see the leaves anyway so you won’t miss them. You can always buy extra leaves to hold the flowers even more in place.

I couldn’t find anybody to wear the crown for a picture, but this is what it looks like.

And this is the one I made for the mommy to be. She looked so beautiful. 

Have a great week <3

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