National Craft Month…

Happy March!!!
It’s National Craft Month and I am always super excited for this month to come around. Please join me this entire month, because my plan is to make something daily and then blog about it. I am going to post pictures, share some tips, maybe a tutorial a few tutorials and 5 giveaways. 

I decided to go with something super easy today. Way too easy if you ask me. Now that I think about it, is wrapping floral wire really a craft??? LOL. Either way, that’s what I decided to work on today. 

I like wrapping several packages of floral wire at a time. It eliminates this process when I’m making a big quantity of paper flowers. It saves me time and it saves me sticky fingers when I’m working with paper petals. 

I also like wrapping 2 wires together. Flowers will stand up better in a vase without marbles or beads. I’m sure there is thicker floral wire, but this works for me. 

I hope you’re having a great week and I also hope you’ll come back all month. 

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