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Grateful day 6…

I hope your weekend was as uneventful as mine. Who wants to do anything in this California heat.

Always grateful for Monday’s. It’s like you’re being handed a new beginning!

But most important I am grateful for…

1. Tyson. He was just a baby here. Around 6 months I think.

2. Frank’s Red hot sauce LOL

3. A simple lunch.

Happy Monday.

Have a great week.

Take me out to the ball game…

With baseball Opening Day in a little over a week. Making these baseball decorations has been getting me so excited for the season to start. While others favorite day of the year is their birthday or Christmas or even Valentine’s Day. Mine is Opening Day! Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas songs and red hearts all over the place. But Opening Day makes my heart super happy. Walking into the stadium after months of waiting for the season to start. The team introductions. The way the America Flag covers the field during the singing of the National Anthem. The Fly over and the face of the kid that calls out the first “PLAY BALL” of the season. Then then MIKE TROUT takes the field. Yes MIKE TROUT. The best player in baseball!!! That’s when I know that all is well in the world! Baseball is back and it’s going to be fun!

This Angels fan isn’t having too much making these Dodger decorations. LOL

Center pieces for a baseball themed retirement party.

Let’s go Angels!!!